Elizabeth Matthews studied painting, drawing, printmaking and art history at Brigham Young University under Robert Marshall, Bruce Smith, James Christensen, Wulf Barsch, Hagen Haltern, Gary Barton, Joe Ostraff, Wayne Kimball and Mark Magleby.

Influencer: Kehinde Wiley

In the tradition of Kehinde Wiley I use flowers to soften the dominant image and challenge the picture plane. I make artworks about humans and their relation to each other which is something Wiley describes as an important function of art. These images are also influenced by the work of Wiley as he explains that it is a risk to make art that addresses a social struggle (such as the long term effects of domestic violence on the family) because the work can be pigeonholed into a political action rather than being considered “high art.”;

Influencer: Piet Mondrian

He searched for the essence of art by stripping out all that was unnecessary. I’ve applied this technique to figure out the essence of my work and found it essential.

Influencer: Theodore Waddell

I’m interested in the work of Theodore Waddell. I like the movement he creates with his compositions.  I like his playful mark making in this image.