Elizabeth Matthews



Warming Up the Audience

acrylic on paper, 20 x 16

Great Falls at Dusk, oil on linen triptych, 48″ x 72″

This painting is on display at Rowan Tree in Herndon, VA.

Stone Crossing at Runnymede Park, 11 x 17 image 15 x 22 frame, mixed media on paper.

This painting just won an award at The Art League Gallery in the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA. It is on display through the month of October, 2021.

Upcoming events for the Certain Women exhibit.

https://www.certainwomenartshow.com/ This site displays all the paintings in this exhibit as well as the schedule of events. https://anthonysfineart.com/ This is the gallery where the exhibit is located and where the events will be held.

This is my painting for the Certain Women: A Mother in Heaven Exhibit

Godliness: Your Vital Part
40” x 36” oil on three panels (triptych)
These empty crowns invite women to step up and learn your vital part in the restoration of the Kingdom of God on both sides of the veil (Prayers of Faith, Eyring, 2020). To have a place at the table of the Lord Jesus Christ means making covenants and participating in ordinances. Crowns represent blessings and honors from above, commandments and revelations given to the faithful and diligent who love God with all the heart, might, mind and strength and serve Him in the name of Jesus Christ (Doctrine and Covenants 59:5). Here are three crowns of godliness available to covenant women: 
1) Mother in Heaven: A crown in Israel available to daughters of Heavenly Parents, and “as daughters of Eve, we are all mothers and we have always been mothers.” “Will you stand steadfast and immovable as a mother in Israel and a woman of God? Our Father and His Only Begotten Son have given us a sacred stewardship and a holy crown in their kingdom” (Are We Not All Mothers, Dew, 2001).
2) Crown of Beauty: Of the Savior Jesus Christ Elder Renlund said: “He ministers to you in all your distress. For those who come unto Him, a crown of beauty will replace the ashes of mourning; joy and gladness will replace grief and sorrow; appreciation and celebration will replace discouragement and despair”  (Infuriating Unfairness, Renlund, 2021). 
3) Crown of Praise: “This is a work that is destined to bring about the destruction of the powers of darkness, the renovation of the earth, the glory of God and the salvation of the human family” (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith, 2007, 513-15).  “If our lamps of preparation are drawn down, let us start immediately to replenish them” (Authority, Ordinances & Preparation, Oaks, Liahona, August 2021, 9). 

Ordinary Gallery, a new gallery space in Leesburg, invited me to participate in their fall exhibit opening on Oct 1, 2021. Here’s a photo of my painting on display. I painted this on location at Great Falls, a few weeks ago.

Great Falls in Red, mixed media on paper, 17″ x 15″
St. Martin’s Neck, ink on paper, 16″ x 20″

I painted this “en plein aire” by moonlight on the outer banks and entered it in a member’s exhibit at Rehoboth Art League, Delaware, and to my surprise it won the Thomas Macfarland Skelly Award and then sold to a lovely new collector.

Without Authentication

74″ x 48″ Oil and charcoal on diptych panels

Honorable Mention Painting Award,  94th Annual Spring Salon, Springville, UT

Storytelling can have a negative effect on the life of a single individual. Storytellers know that those listening will believe whoever is first to tell and that the story gains credibility by being retold many times. Daniel Kahneman describes this human tendency to believe the first telling of a story in his book “Thinking Fast and Slow.” He says we like to believe whoever is first to tell and as humans we rarely check our sources or give others the chance to authenticate the stories told about them. In this way the human family is easily deceived and may inadvertently participate in sharing false stories that isolate and undermine innocent individuals.

In this artwork the story being told lacks authentication. This is symbolized by the blank color shapes representing a missing Chinese chop or seal that is traditionally used to verify and validate authenticity of a work.

Without Authentication, oil on two panels, 79 x 48

Inanimate Escape (with apologies to Edweard Muybridge)

25 x 25, oil on canvas

Referencing the iconic, stop-action photographs of Muybridge’s galloping horse, which first demonstrated that a running horse is flying as all four legs leave the ground at once, this work records the implausible dash of an empty family chair, symbolizing the difficulty of leaving a family with established traditions of domestic violence and cult like behavior.

We All Fall Down

Drawing 19 x 15 Framed 39 x 35

Graphite and chalk with colored pencil on paper

Enmeshment is to be caught or involved in something unpleasant or dangerous from which it is difficult to escape. Enmeshment is a dysfunctional family dynamic that is passed through the generations. Enmeshment usually originates due to some sort of trauma or illness (addiction, mental illness, or a seriously ill child who is overprotected). https://livewellwithsharonmartin.com/enmeshment/

We All Fall Down
19 x 15
Charcoal and colored pencil on paper

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