Elizabeth Matthews lives in Reston, Virginia and maintains a studio at ArtSpace in Herndon, VA. She received an M.Ed. from Utah State University and a BFA from Brigham Young University. Her work has recently been recognized with an artist award from ArtsFairfax (2020); solo exhibits at Bountiful Davis Art Center (2020) and Finch Lane Gallery (2019); and with painting awards at Utah Valley University’s Woodbury Gallery (2020) and the Springville Museum of Art (2017). 

I am well known for my artworks that place empty family chairs in the awful landscape (meaning the unrestrained landscape). Placing a simple chair in the violent landscape provides many metaphors and in the works I present here the paintings attempt to describe the experience of living in a family of manipulation and control, emotional and physical violence and religious abuse. This is domestic violence. And on the opposite side I also use the family chair to make paintings that illustrate the life changing power of sublime spiritual experiences.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae

Recipient of 2020     FY21 EMGRR Artist Award, Arts Fairfax, Fairfax County, Virginia

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