Portrait of a Missing Couple

Oil on Canvas 36″ x 48″

Questions to ask yourself. What do I see?

In this oil painting on three canvas panels two green chairs straddle a wet and rocky terrain. At the top of the image a moving waterfall with rocks and Chinese red color moving with it cascades onto the chair on the right which is standing on three rocks. There is a green shape connecting the two chairs. The chair on the left has less water and a chinese red rectangle covers a portion of this chair. There are three other painted shapes hovering over the two chairs.

These chairs invite you to consider yourself in this unusual and slippery situation.

Asian painters use a chop or signature stamp to authenticate or give credibility to their art works. Because I am not oriental and I do  not have a method to authenticate this image I painted blank shapes where a chop might have been placed if this painting or story could be authenticated.